Artist Performances


Kenny Wollesen Group, The Stone, NYC, 2014


David Binney Group, the 55 Bar, NYC, 2013


Vijay Iyer Group, The Stone, NYC, 2013


Johnathon Blake,  Chris Potter, Ben Street, Chris Potter, The Jazz Gallery, NYC, 2013


Butch Morris conducting, Lucky Chengs, NYC 2011


Excerpt from a workshop by Steve Coleman, The Jazz Gallery, NYC, 2011


Miles Okazaki, Mark Turner, Thomas Morgan, Dan Weiss, The Jazz Gallery, NYC, 2012


Henry Threadgill’s Zooid, The Jazz Gallery, NYC, 2013


William Parker and Hamid Drake, The Stone, NYC, 2013


The Gil Evans Centennial Project, The Jazz Standard, NYC, 2012



Kenny Wollesen Group, Part II, The Stone, NYC, 2014